The Kindergarten Project in Namibia

Although Namibia boasts several wins in their education sector and has many excellent facilities nation wide, the country also faces numerous stumbling blocks including a lack of teaching materials, skills and infrastructure development and general overcrowding of schools.

The Oshinamumwe Combined School is a good example of a school working hard to provide the youth with better tools for their future, but are also facing challenges with finding adequate resources for the amount of students they have.

In 2019, the Oshinamumwe Combined School in Omuthiya, Namibia expanded to include grade 11 learners in their curriculum. Although this was great news for older students, who now have access to better opportunities after their Highschool careers, it overlooked the youngest scholars of the community as there simply was not enough space and resources at the school for pre-primary level children.

There is a significant difference in academic performance between the students who had access to pre-primary education to those who didn’t. Noting the importance of foundation level education for early cognitive, social and creative development, Polycare along with sponsorship from Mr. Schade and Olthaver & List constructed a building for the schools Kindergarten. Now all children in the local community have a fair chance to excel at school right from the start, learning and growing in a safe, productive environment. The Kindergarten has 4 separate classrooms and measures 117 square meters, with a spacious area around the building for the children to play after their classes.

This project was part of Polycare’s empowerment values, aiming to drive positive change in peoples lives while adhering to our sustainable and high quality building standards.



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