The Ahrtal Project & the Power of Community During Times of Crisis.

Extreme weather events are becoming a more frequent occurrence.

The magnitude and intensity of the floods in Central Europe in 2021 shocked climate scientists, who had long predicted more frequent extreme weather cases - the true scale of destruction still surprised us all.

The ripple effects on our well-being

With our seemingly inescapable connection to media outlets, social platforms and the realities of the climate crisis, the phenomenon ‘climate burnout’ has been coined. The term burnout is commonly used to explain the feeling of being exhausted due to excessive and prolonged levels of stress. Climate burnout or eco-anxiety surrounding the climate crisis is becoming more common, and impacting us all on some level. This feeling stems mostly from coming to terms with the urgency and severity of our worlds problems, and the comparison of how small and powerless we may feel against them.

The importance of community

In trying times, community plays a big role in how we tackle problems, remain positive and find comfort and stability again after big life-changing events. Our idea with this project is to provide a beautiful new shared space to restore hope and a little normality to the affected individuals of one specific crisis. Shifting the focus on the solutions that we can create rather than the problems that may find ourselves stuck in. Community helps us to tap into borrowed motivation, collective wisdom, find support and belief during times when it feels like it is nowhere to be found.


To realise this project, Polycare has teamed up with the local municipality Grafschaft and Mayor Achim Juchem, local architects Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH, and manufacturers Tjiko, Salzgitter, Baseforce and Interface. Together we intend to create a ‘Best Practice Building’ resembling Circular Building and Construction by focusing the design aspects on flexibility, sustainability and the ability for reuse and disassembly.

Rendering of our community centre, scheduled to start construction early September 2022 in Graftschaft, in the region Ahrtal.



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