RehoCourt Residential Development — Rehoboth Namibia

3 min readJul 26, 2021

Access to decent housing is a critical challenge for many low- and middle-income countries most of which are undergoing tremendous demographic, economic and social change. Namibia is no exception. The small population of 2.5 Mio people is steadily growing with over 50% of the population living in urban areas, often in informal settlements without access to decent shelter, sanitation, and freshwater supply.

Steps on how to tackle the country’s growing housing backlog especially in the lower segment are addressed in the country’s Strategy Vision Plan 2030. Poverty, a lack of financial resources to acquire decent housing and high costs of serviced land and material supply remain the main challenges to be overcome by most Namibians.

Even though government has launched several programmes to build more houses, NGOs and the private sector are leading the national housing agenda and push for delivery.

RehoCourt — A Smart Eco-Building Development in the South of Namibia

RehoCourt comprises a gated and secured residential development of 12 dwellings. The first phase of 8 units has been completed with the second and third phase planned for future construction. The houses will serve the affordable housing market.

RehoCourt Residential Development

The project was the first of its kind, with Polycare taking on a complete building project of residential units in cooperation with the Fortitude Property Group.

Rehoboth has been 100% built using Polyblocks as inner- and outside wall technology.

The blocks have been manufactured in the Polycare factory in Windhoek where 30 local people are fully employed.

Our transformational building block system is an easy-to-use system that enables people to build their own homes within days. Without prior experience, the Rehoboth builders were able to build a 2-bed room house from foundation to roof level in just 5 days.

Polycare is an easy to learn and almost self-explanatory building system. It took us a few days to get used to in the beginning but now we are able to complete a unit from floor to roof level within just 3–4 days which is great.” William Scheepers, Eagle Wing Construction

Combining that material innovation with our patented building system is revolutionary as we are driving both carbon efficiency (70–90% less carbon to produce) and circular economy.

Polyblocks use zero water in the manufacturing process, and there are zero wet-works required on site. Due to the special shape of the wall components and the bracing of these, no mortar is required.

Polyblocks have about twice the lifespan of conventionally constructed buildings. The modularity of the system enables an easy and affordable expansion of a structure. Its versatility, durability, ease-of-use and green footprint makes it a superior building system of the future.




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