First foreign subsidies

January 2012 was marked by numerous sales talks, first concrete plant offers and the foundation of PolyCare Research Technology UK Ltd in London, which has become responsible for sales in the English-speaking world. Its English Managing Director Ramon Gray also became a co-partner of the German company in March. A detailed television report on MDR “simply ingenious” at the end of March was an excellent starting advertisement for the newly created Internet shop of Lumino® .

The highlight in April was the great attention of the professional public for our exhibited show house at the Salon International des Inventions Genéve and the award of a gold medal and the Prix de l’Etat de Genéve for our inventions.

Internally, the spring was marked by continuous product development at Lumino®, and the further development of the MAS elements for multi-storey buildings. A cooperation agreement with the Bauhaus University of Weimar ensures intensive collaboration in development, building physics test procedures and state approval issues. From the first offer phases, concrete tests and trial productions with desert sand from the Libyan desert and Saudi Arabia, among others, will be developed from May onwards.

In summer 2012, at the suggestion of enthusiastic Lumino® customers, we produced the flower of life as a high-quality luminous relief for the first time.

For our Arab customers, this was followed shortly afterwards by “Bismillah”, a particularly sophisticated calligraphic mural. In the field of MAS elements, we worked flat out on the development of a second generation of stones, the so-called Z-stones. The advantage of this further development lies in the smaller variety of shapes and the significantly higher load-bearing capacity, so that multi-storey buildings are possible. The task of drastically reducing the mould costs resulted in a completely new development of cost-effective moulds made of polypropylene. However, this was also associated with some delays, which no longer allowed the second (two-storey) show house to be built before the winter break.

Late summer and early autumn were characterised by countless sales talks with prospective customers from around 25 nations. From these discussions a concept was developed according to which national companies in the respective countries will in future take over sales and/or production according to the PolyCare process under the name PolyCare and with the same corporate identity worldwide. In October 2012, PolyCare TEK Russia Ltd. was established with headquarters in Moscow.

In November a high-ranking delegation of 40 Russian scientists visited our company. On this occasion, PolyCare was honored by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Building Physics Institute in Moscow for “its great contribution to the development of building physics and construction science”. In the same month at the 5th International Invention Fair of the Middle East in Kuwait, PolyCare not only received 2 gold medals for Lumino and MAS but was especially honored by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Al-Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah with one of the two main prizes of the fair and a prize money of $10,000.