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Is it possible that houses can be produced and built up without CO2 emissions

Polycare at Climate Transformation Summit 2021

On June 10th & 11th, 2021, companies active in different categories of climate transformation will exchange ideas for two days at this summit and present their implementation of the Paris climate goals. Different stakeholders will share their best practices and meet solution providers who support them in measuring, reducing or offsetting CO2.

Speakers from different industries as well as politics and researchers will show how they can implement the climate goals set in concrete terms and how we can promote climate transformation together.

Solution providers from the 7 impact categories: Energy, Buildings, Production, Mobility, Food, Digital and Environment will be showing in an online trade fair how their solutions can now reduce CO2.

Polycare is excited to be part of the Climate Transformation Summit 2021

With our commitment to reducing CO2 propagation in the manufacturing and building process we want to revolutionize the building industry. With our Lego-like modular construction system, the "Polyblocks", everyone can build their own home, affordable  and environmentally friendly. The blocks can be made from desert or recycled molding sands without water. The binding agent is also partly made from recycled PET bottles.

What makes Polycare innovative, environmentally aware and climate friendly?

The status quo in house construction corresponds to a classically linear life cycle. Raw materials are extracted, processed into building materials and assembled into a house. After an average of 60-80 years, this house is torn down or completely renovated, the former raw materials end up on the landfill. The most widespread building material is cement concrete, the manufacture of which is responsible for around 6-9% of all annual anthropogenic CO2 emissions (̴3 billion tons of CO2). At the same time, the construction industry's demand for sand is increasing, especially for concrete production - an average single-family house in Germany requires 200 tons of specific or granular sand.

As Polycare, we have the vision to transform the construction industry towards circular buildings. A first step in this direction are the poly blocks, these Lego-like building blocks are the cornerstone of our modular building system. The Polyblocks are made in the extruder process from polyester resin and unspecific fillers such as foundry and desert sand or crushed building rubble and therefore do not require any cement or classic building sand. Since polymer concrete has better mechanical properties than cement concrete (many times higher compressive and flexural strength), only a small amount of material has to be used to enclose the insulation of the poly block. The other advantages of the material are water and UV resistance, insensitivity to temperature fluctuations and recyclability.

Here you can see our interpretation of a circular house construction based on the dismantling and reconstruction of our Polyblocks Office in Gehlberg: https://vimeo.com/460097373




To drive empowerment and circular economy, Polycare develops innovative construction technologies, that make sustainable habitats affordable.