Partnerships & innovation in South Africa

To the background

Directly opposite the Central Kitchen is “Victoria Yards”, a collection of early 20th century warehouse and industrial buildings covering 30,000 square meters. When the owner Brian Green and his partners came across the site, essentially all the buildings were derelict. Which suited Brian very well — as the man behind Johannesburg’s popular 44 Stanley, he is adept at turning run-down properties destined for demolition into desirable targets.

The concept

The idea and the basic concept is the construction of a self-sufficient toilet house, which can be operated completely without external water supply.

How does it actually work?

When our CTO, Robert Rösler, travelled to the project site in December 2019, with peak summer temperatures hitting 37°C. Already the next day of his stay there were enormous rain showers and temperatures dropped to 12°C. The system takes advantage of these weather characteristics or changes.



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