COP27: Why the Built Environment matters.

What action is needed in order to get on track for a 1.5 degrees Celsius global warming limit?

  1. Phase out coal 6 times faster (by shutting down the equivalent of 925 average-sized coal plants a year.
  2. Expand public transport systems 6 times faster.
  3. Lower CO2 from cement production 10 times faster.
  4. Reduce rate of deforestation 1.5 times faster.
  5. Shift to more sustainable, plant based diets 5 times faster.
  6. Improve energy efficiency of construction 5 times faster in commercial buildings (and 7 times faster in residential buildings.)
  7. Phase out subsidies for fossil fuels at 5 times the current rate.

Why cities, regions and the built environment play a huge role



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