Is it possible that houses can be produced and built up without CO2 emissions

Polycare at Climate Transformation Summit 2021

On June 10th & 11th, 2021, companies active in different categories of climate transformation will exchange ideas for two days at this summit and present their implementation of the Paris climate goals. Different stakeholders will share their best practices and meet solution providers who support them in measuring, reducing or offsetting CO2.

Speakers from different industries as well as politics and researchers will show how they can implement the climate goals set in concrete terms and how we can promote climate transformation together.

Solution providers from the 7 impact categories: Energy, Buildings, Production, Mobility…

Demoulding on of the first Polyblocks

In January, a meeting of major German housing associations took place in Frankfurt, in order to establish an initiative to create affordable housing in Africa on the occasion ofthe 100th anniversary celebrations of their existence. In the course of the year, this led to the founding of Housing! for Future, which will realize its first housing construction projects on a “rent to own” basis in Namibia with Polycare starting in 2020. In February, the ceremonial opening of Polycare Namibia by Vice President Nangolo Mtumba took place under great public attention. Unfortunately, due to an unidentifiable partial cable break, production in…

Opening the Polycare Namibia production

The first months of the new year of 2018 were devoted to the final factory design for Namibia. The orders and preparations for the delivery of the complete production plant occupied almost all employees. The moulds were manufactured in the factory in Gehlberg, work processes were developed according to ISO 9001 for Namibia and the necessary tests for the general building authority approval were carried out in cooperation with testing laboratories. After a successful special fire test, the approval for the SADC (South African Development Community) region was granted in May. As this approval was a condition for operation in…

The model house in Namibia was donated to the Namibian government and independently dismantled by the semi-skilled Namibian forces at the conference location in Windhoek and rebuilt as a donation for a needy 8-person family in Katatura. The floor plan was changed once again and additional MAS elements were supplied from Germany. The newly designed house was handed over to the Phillips family by the President of Namibia in a festive ceremony in February.

Winner European Contest & Model House in Namibia

Extensive negotiations in Chad and Senegal lead to large-scale contracts for the supply of PolyCare technology in January and February. Unfortunately, the final financing of the projects is being delayed in the course of the following months and promised payments are not forthcoming. In March, the PolyCare concept is presented at the African Ambassadors Conference in Berlin and a project for the construction of 40,000 houses in Namibia is developed. …

During the year PolyCare started using a 3D printer, that enabled the production of very small and individual moulds. This enables PolyCare to handle special orders, such as the production of perfume flacon lids made of polymer concrete. A first highlight of the year was the award ceremony for PolyCare as a finalist in the German Business Innovation Award in Frankfurt. In April PolyCare was represented at the Hanover Fair with a booth of the Bauhaus University Weimar. The summer marked a significant increase and interest in the MAS technology world-wide. In order to ensure a gradual transfer of the…

In February PolyCare participated as an exhibitor at the conference “Innovation for International Organisations” in Geneva. The contacts to UN organizations established there led to further presentations of the MAS technology at the UNOPS in Copenhagen, WFP in Rome and UNHCR in London. For the first time ever, the production of a huge art object enabled the manufacture of very large coated panels.

January 2012 was marked by numerous sales talks, first concrete plant offers and the foundation of PolyCare Research Technology UK Ltd in London, which has become responsible for sales in the English-speaking world. Its English Managing Director Ramon Gray also became a co-partner of the German company in March. A detailed television report on MDR “simply ingenious” at the end of March was an excellent starting advertisement for the newly created Internet shop of Lumino® .

The highlight in April was the great attention of the professional public for our exhibited show house at the Salon International des Inventions Genéve…


To drive empowerment and circular economy, Polycare develops innovative construction technologies, that make sustainable habitats affordable.

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